High Speed Transfer Press MTP Series

60tf transfer Press:MTP-600-14HB
80tf transfer Press:MTP-800-14HB
100tf transfer Press:MTP-1000-14HB
60tf High-speed transfer Press:MTP-600-16HBK
60tf Specialized transfer Press:MTP-600W

Megatech's high-performance, high-speed transfer press series is capable of stable, high-speed automation of multiple processes.
The transfer feed device realizes safe and reliable transfer under high-speed operation.


  1. The frame is a straight-sided type with a highly rigid steel plate integrated structure, which forms the backbone of high-speed, high-precision processing and maintains outstanding durability.
  2. The transfer feed device provides stable transfer even under high-speed operation, greatly improving productivity. (Transfer feed and blank pusher are timed separately.)
  3. All processing stages are located inside the connecting rod to minimize the effect of eccentric load, which, together with the features described in (1) above, greatly extends the life of the die.
  4. The upper die mounting section is a separate type that can be adjusted for each stage. Also, a height gauge (1/100 scale) is provided for each process, making fine adjustments easy to set.
  5. All parts such as oil supply, air pressure, mis-grip, feed bar, pusher, and safety guard are equipped with interlocks to ensure safety during operation.
  6. Mechanical or pneumatic upper knockout can be installed in each stage, and the timing of the mechanical type can be adjusted for each process.
  7. Equipped with air combination clutch and brake, stable operation is possible even under high-speed operation.
  8. Each part is lubricated by forced lubrication. In addition, a stick release mechanism is incorporated in case of emergency.

Central clamping unit

This device is installed in the center of the press to eliminate deflection and shaking of the feed bar during high-speed operation and to ensure safe transport.
Finger holder is optional.

Servo feeder (option)

You can easily switch between single-, double-, triple-, and quadruple-row punching, and start processing by simply entering the number of blanks and the number of rows.

Touch panel control panel

The easy-to-use and functional operation panel significantly improves work efficiency and the safety of the machine, mold and operator. The built-in misfeed monitor notifies the operator of an abnormal process with an indicator light when the machine stops due to misfeed.

Hydraulic overload protector

It functions to protect the main unit, mold, etc. during overload.


  • Die cushion:Used in the drawing process.
  • Lift-up Cushion:Used to lift the workpiece to the feed level. Select the number of units to be installed.
  • Hydraulic upper knockout:Contributes to improved accuracy of machined products.
  • Wax supply equipment:Pump device to moisten wax for drawing process with die cooling as well.
  • Air Ejector
  • Uncoiler
Capacity (ton)4545606080100
Capacity/Stage(ton)1013131014/ 1st stagae 20 13/16(Option)
Stroke (mm)140100160140190190
S.P.M40 to 15040 to 20040 to 12040 to 10035 to 10035 to 80
Die Hight (mm)280280350310420450
Upper ADJ. (mm)202030303030
Shank hole dia. (mm)φ32φ42φ40φ38φ50φ38
Bolster size (mm)1,500 X 380 1,500 X 3801,730 X 4501,730 X 4502,250 X 5402,250 X 540
Bolster thickness (mm)6090100150100100
Feed stroke (mm)100100120150100100
Clamp stroke (mm) one side505060557070
Internal width of feed bar (mm) In Clamp120140150140160180
Feed level (to underside of bar) (mm)130132180130222252
Feed Bar Cross Section Dimensions (mm)60 x 2060 x 2070 x 2570 x 2575 x 2575 x25
Feed directionL to RL to RL to RL to RL to RL to R
Maximum blank dia. (mm)φ80φ80φ100φ80φ100φ100
Maximum drawing depth (mm)473355476363
Air pressure (Mpa)
Main Motor15kWx4P22kWx4P15kWx4P22kWx4P37kWx4P37kWx4P
Machine dimensions
(LR x FB x H) (mm)
2830 x 1280 x 28732830 x 1280 x 28933230 x 1580 x 36003260 x 1580 x 36004435 x 2000 x 38104447 x 2000 x 3810
Machine Weight (ton)7.6815152323