Machine installation

We will install a new press and change the layout in the factory.

Persons involved in construction have undergone safety training, and construction vehicles undergo safety inspections from time to time, so we can respond safely and promptly.

2012 Aamata Nakorn I.E./ FUKUI straight sided press 1000ton 
Eastern Seaboard I.E./AIDA Progressive Press PMX-L2-200(1)
2013Hi-Tech I.E./ Megatech Cold Forging Press 300ton 2Unit
Hi-Tech I.E./ AIDA Cold Forging Press 630ton
Hi-Tech I.E./ AIDA Cold Forging Press 400ton
2014Well grow I.E./ AIDA Cold Forging Press 1000ton
Nava Nakorn I.Z./ AIDA Progressive press 300ton
Nava Nakorn I.Z./ Hydraulic press 400ton
Pinthong 1 I.E. / AIDA K-40  
2015304 I.P / KOMATSU LIB-500L
2017Rojana I.P. / AIDA PMX-L2-3000(1)
2018Amata City I.E./ AIDA NC1-1100(2)E
Amata City I.E./ AIDA NC2-2000(1)E
Amata City I.E./ AIDA NC1-1500(2)E
2019Pinthong 3 I.E. / AIDA NS2-2500(1)E
2020Aamata Nakorn I.E./ MEGATECH Transfer Press 45ton
Eastern Seaboard I.E./ NISHIDA Transfer Press 100ton  
2021Gateway I.E / MEGATECH Transfer Press 100ton
Pinthong 1 I.E. / AIDA K-40

Installation in Japan

The heavy transport division of our Japanese parent company.